Amsterdam, The Netherlands (photo by Harry Eppink)  #amsterdam #home #netherlands

The 10 Most Beautiful Photos of Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam is one of the Average small cities in the world. From Amsterdam canals to world-famous

Kaasmarkt, Alkmaar

Cheese Market, Alkmaar, Holland, The Netherlands. Mostly known for its cheese market, Alkmaar is also a charming village. The cheese market in Alkmaar is verry nice and interesting to go to.

Old Dutch

Wooden shoes (or clogs), this is a typical product associated with the Dutch population. In a lot of countries around the world it is believed that Dutch people walk around in wooden shoes the entire day. As you can see wooden shoes come in different kind

Amsterdam, Netherlands - would love when tourists would come up to me on a layover and ask me for directions because they thought I lived there. yep big tall dutch girl

Amsterdam, Netherlands - bikes and flower baskets are a big part of Amsterdam - plus the canals of course

Holland. Purple flowers. Wind mill

Windmill and Flower Field in Holland Hyacinths grow in a field in North Holland Province, Netherlands. Holland is the world's largest exporter of flowers.

Delfts Blond pottery by Blond-Amsterdam

I want a teapot from Blond special made for my 30 birthday. With christmas, louis vuitton bag, my Cats' and my car!

Even bijkletsen -> Blond Amsterdam servies

Even bijkletsen van blond Amsterdam, hebbe hebbe hebbe

Blond Amsterdam Dinner Plate

Blond Amsterdam Even Bijkletsen - Bord Plat - Ø 26 cm - Geel Dinerbord