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Picture of a U. soldier shaking hands with Hillary Clinton but not happy about it-Truth! Soldier makes coercion sign

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Presidential Executive Orders--Obama far exceeds any other president. These would include directives. And they can ALL be overturned by the next president. Executive order 13489 so far Way Of Life, Our Life, Illuminati, Trivia, Religion, Out Of Touch, Executive Order, Thing 1, New World Order

Presidential Executive Orders--Obama far exceeds any other president

I know what at least three generations of your family did {including you.you murderous bastard!} in the name of The New World Order. Thats The Way, That Way, Just For You, Bernie Sanders, Jesse Ventura, Trust, Thing 1, New World Order, Before Us

I do not endorse this course of action however yet this supposed quote remains

the gov can keep up with every detail of the average citizen, but looses over 2 Trillion! So I guess we know what part of the Pentagon was destroyed.That missing money never came up again. Thats The Way, That Way, Good To Know, Did You Know, The Babadook, Jesse Ventura, Religion, Trust, Conspiracy Theories
Good To KnowTrustConspiracy Theories

911 #conspiracy theories

Obama voters - you should have read up on George Soros, Saul Alinsky, Agenda 21 and Cloward-Piven. (Don't forget Bill Ayers, radical activist bomber & close Obama associate) Maybe you wouldn't have been so eager to elect him! Thing 1, New World Order, Illuminati, We The People, Evil People, Have Time, Wake Up, In This World, At Least

LOOK THEM UP. It is what this president is all about. Educate yourself!

Voting against their best interest, because faux news. oh, the irony. Bernie Sanders, Thats The Way, That Way, Republican Party, Thought Provoking, Black History, American History, Thinking Of You, Socialism
Bernie SandersBlack History

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6/17/15 6:19p How does the GOP brainwash these poor people into voting against their own best interests? They must have a TV in there turned to "Faux News". countercurrentnews.com via E

Picture of Michelle Obama. “That face you make when Republicans in years slamming you for wearing sleeveless dresses and”not being classy” but are now totally cool with a nude centerfold model becoming first lady Michelle Obama, Social Issues, Social Justice, Fight Club, True Stories, Feminism, Equality, Just In Case, Donald Trump

Ya know, this bothers me. This is just one glaring example of Republican double-think. And it's racist as hell. Petra

Hmmm is this true? The run your government. All about population control, wake up America! Weird Facts, Fun Facts, Crazy Facts, Random Facts, Random Quotes, Good To Know, Did You Know, Cancer Cure, Prayers
Weird FactsFun FactsRandom FactsGood To KnowPrayers

The American government

Former republican Senator George Voinovich admits that in republicans were ordered to block everything Pres. Obama wanted, even if it would help the country: If Obama wanted it, we Republicans had to be against it. Ben Carson, Republican Senators, Republican Party, Republican Ideology, Gop Party, Liberal Democrats, Socialism, Bernie Sanders, Thats The Way

Occupy Democrats

The GOP is NOT doing anything for We The People! Vote them out! #uniteblue

Why do to think so many blacks are nine killed? So they can harvest our melanin! Ugh, ya'll please wake up! Do you think this os real? Caucasian People, Babylon The Great, Knowledge Is Power, African American History, My Black Is Beautiful, History Facts, Black Power, Black People, Black History

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Why do to think so many blacks are nine killed? So they can harvest our melanin!! Ugh, ya'll please wake up!!!!

isis is DAESH-THE brotherhood! The whole US Government, and their Banks a attacks and the Caricatures, Religion, Right Wing, Republican Party, Before Us, Social Issues, Along The Way, American History, At Least
Before UsSocial Issues

Everyone deserves a perfect world!

Thanks for creating all those terrorists for us, Dubya. Thanks a lot. And just a note, I don't like Obama either! I don't like any of the snakes in Washington! They are all members of the same "club". All in different roles.

Michelle Conyers: New Black Panther Party Sweetheart A Vision in White. This is her during her TV apology last year for saying she wanted to kill all of the "pink people.

Michelle Conyers: New Black Panther Party Sweetheart A Vision in White

Getting a little excited on a conference call with fellow New Black Panther Party members a few weeks ago, Michelle Conyers alias Michelle Williams (friends tell PD she had a real thing for Heath) inadvertently ending up making headlines, which she found herself having to back track from.

Yabba dabba Doo Doo white pieces of shit ungodly liars thieves n murderers. Blacks date back to years you U have accomplished nothing says kemet.