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Ideas y cosas para tus fiestas infantiles: Frutas para los cumples

Like to make Jello shots? Here is a great new idea in which you scrape out the center of a sliced orange and pour the jello mix in the center to harden. Once the jello has hardened slice them in half and you have sliced jello shots :)

Great money-saving tip for long term storage of fresh lettuce. Dena: I have always done this, I learned this trick from my mom. She would have a huge tupperware container and wrap it in paper towels and press down on the top as she closed it to get the most air out of it. Most have lasted a month or more!

How to keep lettuce fresh and crisp - just put a paper towel with the lettuce in a gallon size zip lock bag. It absorbs the moisture that causes you lettuce to wilt. Then, leave about a opening to let veggie gasses escape (they rot the lettuce).