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an elephant sitting on top of a cloud with a laptop computer in it's lap
Pink sanrio header
the website for habits is displayed in pink and orange colors, with an image of
Habit Tracker 🌱
an image of a web page with the name elizabeth's dashboard
Шаблоны Notion, templates
the progress bar and sub tasks page for motion hacks, which includes an arrow pointing to
How to Use Notion to Track Goals (Progress Bar Tutorial)
an image of a calendar with plants on it
Pantone pastel color calendar dashboard multi template - Ready to use- additional resources- FREE TEMPLATE (in comment)
an image of a website page with pink and purple architecture in the background, as well as cartoon characters
Pink Sailor Moon Study Schedule Setup ♡
a screen shot of a web page with pictures and words on the bottom right corner
daphne di ♡ on Twitter