Ana Acosta de Almeida

Ana Acosta de Almeida

Ana Acosta de Almeida
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#picole de cafe

Want a fun summer twist on a classic morning drink? You could always just do some iced coffee (really, you HAVE to try the frozen caramal macchiato – so good!), but why not try some coffee po…

Ideas para decorar tu hogar en Habitissimo

Adorning your freshly brewed cappuccino with a reindeer head or a heart would now just be one Hip Coffee Stencil Set away. Coming in a pack of three templa

I'd like to hang a chalkboard in my kitchen, so I knew what was for dinner, depending on whose night it is to cook :o

i think it would be adorable to do something like this in a kitchen. have a chalkboard wall for kids, notes, to-do lists etc. add some cute lights and make a focal wall. probably on the side of the kitchen