Alexandre Almeida Rosa

Alexandre Almeida Rosa

"A man can be destroyed but not defeated." Ernest Hemingway Acredito cada vez mais que Design Thinking seja uma filosofia mais do que um processo. É preciso
Alexandre Almeida Rosa
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jako dobra fora!

USING SEAM ALLOWANCES TO SUPPORT SILHOUETTE: In a bid to remove bulk from garments we often try to create patterns with less seams and less seam allowances but there are also times where the positioning of seams, and their seam allowance values.

Moulage and the Drape -

An example of direct draping technique (moulage), by a modelist at Christian Dior. A remake from a 1939 gown*. * designed for the house of Robert Piguet.

Moldes Moda por Medida: DETALHES DE MODELAÇÃO - 25

Dress with interesting use of fabric manipulation to create a textured pattern through folds // Georgia Hardinge I really like the look of this technique it reminds me of the stitch and slash we used in class.

Moldes Moda por Medida: DETALHES DE MODELAÇÃO-2

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