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Jrr Tolkien, Lotr Elves, Shadow Of Mordor, Tolkien Books, Thranduil, Dark Lord
#sorry i'm not sorry about my elf problem
a drawing of a woman with long red hair and piercings on her head, wearing an orange jacket
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two people standing next to each other holding torches
a drawing of a woman with red hair
a drawing of a man with long red hair and a cross on his chest, wearing a medieval outfit
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the different types of hair and facial expressions for each character in the game, from male to female
Maedhros head designs by jyongyi on DeviantArt
a drawing of a woman with long hair and makeup on her face, looking at the camera
we sail the seas of lives and beliefs
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a painting of a man dressed in armor
Музей Поддельного Искусства Арды
Raven Warrior, Elves Art, Amazing Sketches, Concerning Hobbits, Humanoid Creatures, Fantasy Heroes
“Fëanor, no” — thegreencarousel: WIP. Not sure if I’ll ever...