Varanda, concreto, brises e vidro.

The balconies direct your views in an outward direction (what are balconies for?) and the lines in the facade add to privacy and light personality inside.

Varandas e fachada

MERCHANT QUARTER: A close-up on the exterior shows off the multi-coloured Alucobond cladding.

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Fascinating Brick Pattern Facade That Will Amaze You - The Architects Diary

E nessa aqui você pode fazer escaladas em busca de títulos. | 17 ambientes lindos para almas que amam os livros

E nessa aqui você pode fazer escaladas em busca de títulos.

I would be in book heaven. One day I'll have not only a home big enough for a room like this, but also enough books to fill the shelves. Well, a girl can dream, can't she? Private library designed by architecture firm Ilai, photography by Lukas Wassmann.

anels para pergolado en ingredo

Milanofiori Housing Complex by OBR

Here's another recently realized project by Italian OBR Open Building Research: the Milanofiori housing complex in Assago, Milan, Italy.

Steven Holl Architects. Linked Hybrid, a mixed-use complex of eight linked towers in Beijing, China

Linked Hybrid by Steven Holl Architects