At The KariGhars, we believe that your home should be a reflection of your style and personality.
a bedroom with a bed, desk and mirror on the wall next to a yellow chair
Tapping into the aesthetic appeal, the layered lighting matches every mood of yours.
With a modern design style, profusion of textures and clean lines, this bedroom is precisely enveloped in a colour palette rich in black & grey hues. Acing the perfect balance of design & functionality, everything is at the distance of an arm & yet, feels so spacious.
a bedroom with a large bed in front of a wallpapered space themed mural
Designing bedrooms where your children's dreams come true - a universe of stars, moon & innocence!
Surrounded by the brightness, their jumps on the bed, playfulness by the window & cheerful laughter throughout the room is all that childhood is made up of. Mesmerizing wallpaper paired with space decor elements and the ceiling light- the perfect palette of astronaut dreams! They may or may not become an astronaut growing up but in their eyes, you are their superhero fulfilling all their wishes!
a large bed sitting in the middle of a bedroom next to two lamps on either side of it
A classic color palette of beige and nudes- this bedroom is the symbol of cozy spaces.
A bedroom filled with love, laughter, and, of course, some statement making aesthetics! A king size bed surrounded by bittersweet memories here and there for a story entailed in every corner. Resting your heads by the headboard & discussing life, this is where you see life growing. Making it a bedroom you'd like to begin and end your days at, the soft lights, huge windows, & side chair are all perfectly tied together!
a bedroom with a large bed and chandelier hanging from it's ceiling
The KariGhars ensure to design homes that are one in a million!
It's the choice, opinions, preferences & dreams of every client that set their home apart from others. You know it's a master bedroom when it is spacious enough to hold not just your essentials but all your memories, celebrations, and entertaining nights. Sparkling in warm golds and beiges, snuggly sheets and modern designs, this bedroom is where comfort meets luxury and originality!
a bedroom with a bed, ottoman and mirror on the wall next to wooden flooring
Modern Bedroom Lighting tips for Luxurious Radiance
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