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Modern Peg Board Tower Series by Vertical Ledge
Meet your modern booth peg board matchup. The Tower Collection by Vertical Ledge is the most modern display you can get your hands on as a handmade artisan. Look no further for the best in market stall and market booth display!
the table is made out of metal and has a glass top with an intricate design
Homepage - Pont des Arts
Gaudi Table - Bronze And Marble - Pont des Arts - Monzer Hammoud - Designer - Paris -
two pictures of different types of couches and chairs with the same color scheme on them
Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien
four white bowls with gold rims are lined up on the shelf in front of each other
Lucky Pony - A Blog About Excellent Pretty Things
Muted neutral colors. Flawed Series by Studiomake. Simply beautiful.
two bowls sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table in front of a white wall
Pin Bowls (2016) - Jonas Wagell Design & Architecture
Pin bowls are a set of decorative multi-purpose containers to keep everyday objects. The group includes three bowls with friendly round shapes and delicate legs that elevate them off table and counter tops. Pin bowls are available in selected colours: Small – Dark blue / Medium – Clay grey / Large – Red terracotta
a living room scene with focus on the couch and plant in the corner, while the wall is painted white
Modern Flea Chic | Tommaso Barbi Floor Lamp + Ico and Luisa Parisi Sofa
several bowls with different designs on them sitting next to each other
Negando loro la loro vita con opzioni esotiche – Qui si può imparare prima
What's New: Handmade Ceramics & More from Knotwork LA http://www.labmaison.com/ceramics/whats-new-handmade-ceramics-more-from-knotwork-la/
an open book with a gold shoe on it's cover and a leather pouch
Foot Paperweight
The fourth-generation Viennese workshop of Carl Auböck combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Designed in the 1950s by Carl Auböck II (1900–1957), this polished paperweight in the stylized form of a foot was made from his original cast and carries the Werkstätte Carl Auböck stamp on its side. The solid brass object was a favorite of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius, who kept one on his desk along with several other Auböck-designed objects.
a brick wall with hanging glass vases and succulents on the table
Old Faithful Shop | Vancouver
a blue hat sitting on top of an upside down white rug next to a wall
Account Suspended
Rugs by Katie Stout
a collection of blue and white plates with black dots on them, all in different shapes and sizes
New Insta-awesome account - Crafted
Bridget Bodenham ceramics
two black and white ceramic spoons with gold handles next to each other on a white surface
Suzanne Sullivan Ceramics
three ceramic objects are sitting on the wall together, one is shaped like a teapot and the other has a ring around it
a pink and green bed sitting next to a white dresser with flowers in a vase
ASH CRESCENT LOUNGE - Vonnegut / Kraft
Ash Crescent Lounge by Vonnegut/Kraft