amy borrell

Amy Borrell Print 1, The Big Bang

Wedding Color Palette Amy Borrell Print 1 (detail), The Big Bang by Amy Borrell ~ via Little Paper Planes x


these prints feel like leaves floating in the air. Tropical leaves in muted green and nude to inspire a cold collage of a typically warm foliage

geometric birds clip art

Geometric Birds

margaret mee artist - Google Search

Virginia Dare Rose for PR purposes Copyright Linda C.

TOP FAVES. Esse é um dos meus favoritos. Gosto muito da elegância da estampa, das cores contrastantes. Os tons estão perfeitos. O desenho também.

Farmer's Market Hollywood

Art Inspiration: Photography - leaves creating interesting texture in this picture "Farmer's Market Hollywood" by JUSTINA BLAKENEY.

ffffffound:    Hexagonality

Pattern Fe Wall Unit by Fumie Shibata The collection includes a series of flat, wall hung geometric grids and a series of cubes that can be stacked and alternatively used with cushions to make seating.