folding screen / decking I wonder how hard it will be to put something like this on a camper

These window/doors slide down to create a deck. But what a cool idea for a tiny house. Outside-the-box design how these doors fold down to create a deck level with the interior of the house!

Folding doors

Studio X Beijing / O.P.E.N. Architecture

architecture Studio X Beijing / O. Architecture Architecture :: ARCHITECTURE :: Brilliant design that would make for a lovely detail o.

The Fragrance Kitchen - TFK Store Opens in Kuwait City

Fragrance Kitchen store in Kuwait by ARCHJS Architects, constructed of 500 laser cut wooden pieces

Folding facade

Great way to prevent injuries to pedestrians on the sidewalk (and patrons inside - and from taking up too much precious Vienna sq. The glass facade of Fabios restaurant in Vienna, a very unsual design yes, but highly ingenious too!

The Zentrum für Molekulare Medizin der Universität zu Köln (ZMMK) by Faust…

The mutable house

Usually you have to opt for one specific facade, but thanks to the new generation of horizontal folding shutters the character of a building can be changed after all.

Petting Farm, by 70F Architecture.

Petting Farm / 70F Architecture

Built by Architecture in Almere, The Netherlands with date Images by Luuk Kramer. Most city parts of Almere, a city with almost inhabitants, have a petting farm.

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