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Adriana Morgado
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Adriana Morgado

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pinecone with mini pot and craft star! love this idea! easy and cute

Three Awesome Card Tricks for Kids

Three Awesome Card Tricks for Kids - Great activity for older kids and tweens/teens. My boys love performing card tricks on each other!

20 Simple Projects for Beginning Lego Builders



Wonderful DIY 8 Sides Mandala Brooch With Toothpicks


More LEGO Dogs! Dachshund and Mastiff Building Instructions

More LEGO Dogs to Build! Building instructions for a dachshund and a mastiff.

LEGO Spiders Building Instructions

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Star Wars Fun for Kids:Star Wars Lego Mosaics

Star Wars Lego Mosaics Free Printable Patterns. A fabulous construction challenge for school aged children.

Make a cardboard dollhouse out off all different boxes then glue them together!

Paletas de Reno o Paletas Rodolfo, Un regalo muy fácil y económico de hacer. Disfrutalas. #Navidad #HaciendoMiArte