different joining stitches in crochet!

Crochet Different Joining Stitches - Chart ❥ // hf. This is pretty straight forward. No need for a pattern.

Para el invierno q viene la hago!!! jaja

Beautiful crocheted scarf chart, and one of those projects that looks really complex and isn't.

Узор для вязания болеро - Страна Мам


Can make three flower buds/tulips with green bottom

Букет голубых фиалок

Blusa de crochê com bonito ponto [ "Can make three flower buds/tulips with green bottom", " // This stitch pattern would make a pretty shawl/wrap!", "Honestly wouldn

Crochet cardigan chart pattern

This series Mi ta ni ッ Suites Kei Spring 2013 - Mo Yu - After Mo Yu braided garden