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Opal - This semi-precious stone is fascinating. A rare opal, sprouting in a piece of petrified wood.

Fire & Iron

Beauty, Art, Metal, Blades, Blacksmithing, And really, GOOD FOOD are things I enjoy. Especially GOOD FOOD And Blades

Astronomy Picture of the Day 2016 August 16 Five Planets and the Moon over Australia It is not a coincidence that planets line up. That’s because all of the planets orbit the Sun in (nearly) a single sheet called the plane of the ecliptic.

APOD: 2016 August 16 - Five Planets and the Moon over Australia

Five Planets and the Moon over Australia

The relative sizes of a number of objects, including the three (known) members of Alpha Centauri triple star system Astronomy Facts, Astronomy Science, Space And Astronomy, Earth Science, Science And Nature, Life Science, Space Planets, Sistema Solar, Cosmos

HISTÓRICO: Astrônomos descobrem planeta potencialmente habitável em torno de Proxima Centauri, estrela mais próxima do Sistema Solar - Mensageiro Sideral

De onde viemos, onde estamos e para onde vamos

 In that case, the Galaxy themed party is what you're looking for.

60 Garrafas Decoradas: Ideias, fotos e muitos Tutoriais!

Confira modelos de garrafas decoradas (com renda, galáxia, com linha/barbante, verniz vitral, decoupage, lantejoula, glitter, balões, etc) e veja ainda DIYs

 Take a moment to see these size comparisons between planets in our Solar System and other stars in the universe. It's remarkable how tiny "we" really are. An infinitesimal speck in the infinite realm that is the ever-expanding universe.

This diagram shows our address in the Cosmos at a glance. We see our planetary system around the Sun, our stellar neighborhood in our galaxy, our galaxy in the local group of galaxies, and our group in the entire universe.

Observando tudo à distancia, vendo como a Terra é pequenininha... e como é grande a nossa ignorância. #ad