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I should make one of these.  Nikola Tesla and You.  Fallout 3

Retro notebook based on Fallout game.

NES Style Fallout 3 box art

NES Style Fallout 3 box art


fallout stand by

Big book of science, Fallout 3

Big book of science, Fallout 3

Fallout 3--love when he drinks this in the game and he takes a big gulp

I have to admit, I adored creating this poster. I love working with the Vault Boy image anyway, but to couple that with the iconic Nuka Cola was something that I had in mind for some time but never.

Drink Nuka-Cola #fallout3

'Drink Nuka-Cola' from 'Fallout This is an image that uses the shadowing effect, along with the curved font and scratchy background quality.

Bioshock-inspired necklaces for the Elizabeth in your life. (M)

BioShock Infinite Vigors by NerdFashions ❤❤❤ (Nerd Jewelry)

Bioshock. Who's YOUR Daddy?

great artwork for bioshock

Angels Mister Bubbles!

Awesome BioShock Fan-Made Poster

Bioshock. I loved looking out all the windows at the city. Made me wonder what could lurk at the bottom of our own ocean so far away from prying eyes.

An illustration of a Big Daddy and Little Sister in an underwater causeway in Rapture, from "Bioshock," a first-person shooter by Irrational Games for consoles and PC, 2007