29 ideias de tatuagens delicadas que nunca saem de moda

40 ideias de tatuagens delicadas que nunca saem de moda

Tiny anchor tattoo on the right inner ankle….-Fed onto Beautiful Ankle Tattoos IdeasAlbum in Tattoos Category

Tatuagem de flores

10 artistas gringos que fazem as mais lindas tatuagens de flores

Spring is upon us, and summer isn& far behind it, meaning floral printed everything is officially necessary, and that includes tattoos as well.

Tatuagem de dente de leão

Dandelion don't tell no lies Dandelion will make you wise Tell me if she laughs or cries Blow away dandelion Rolling Stones - Dandelion

Tatuagens Femininas e Delicadas.

Tatuagem feita por <a href="http://instagram.com/tirzasetta">@tirzasetta</a>                   #amazingink

Tatuagem feita por <a href="http://instagram.com/tirzasetta">@tirzasetta</a> #amazingink

Placement idea for Gram’s tattoo

im not strong like i wanted to be because, yeah ive got muscles and nails like claws, but mt mind is weak and unsure, and even the silliest words can make me feel like im not worth the oxygen i breathe and god i hate being weak.