Fold-Out Micro Bar ~ Gotta have some convinient seating to attract some serious snackers.

Great Idea : Fold-Out Micro Bar ~ Gotta have some convinient seating to attract some serious snackers.

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REK expandable coffee table - this is cool and would be a major space saver in my living room! yet lots of table when needed!

Super Mesa dobrável c/ bancos economiza muito espaço. Muito útil e não parece difícil de reproduzir.

How awesome is this picnic table idea? Space Saving Fold Down Picnic Table

In small rooms of apartments, a bookcase can become a hindrance in decorating, fighting for space with other furniture. On the other hand, whenever it is possible to combine the functionality of two objects...Trick is a bookcase , but it is also a table with two chairs . When the two pieces are removed from the ends to the center, they become chairs. The middle piece gives rise to a table, which can be used for dining or as a workstation.

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This great table looks just like a bookshelf when it’s closed- would looks lovely with a few ornaments on- a hidden dining table! Great for a tiny house!

the harlan | wood+concrete | Concrete PigThe Harlan wood + concrete is $2800. The Harlan mod (with hairpin steel legs) is $1350.

Concrete Coffee Tables You Can Buy Or Build Yourself

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34 invenções geniais de acessórios

Don't like the style/look but loving the idea/cleverness of it. Breakfast in bed side tables - cool idea

Mesas dobráveis são ótimas ideias para aquelas feiras que não disponibilizam estrutura. Você tem uma marido / irmão / pai / namorado bom de serviço? Peça ajuda deles para montar a sua própria mesa.

collapsible table - AW Extra - Small Shop Solutions - The Woodworker's Shop - American Woodworker great tiny house/cottage idea

Ensemble table et bancs bois et métal ✌ FØLSOM Studio #wood #oak #metal

Ensemble table et bancs

Woodworking - Wood Profit - table_bancs_chene design folsom studio Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!