Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/179537858/easter-wreath-natural-burlap-deco-mesh

This adorable natural straw bunny has his ears all perked as though hes guarding the door! His sweet little face with the all-knowing look

bolo kit kat pascoa

Confira a Receita + Passo a Passo + Modelos de Bolos Kit Kat

Easter Kit Kat Cake - picture only - take any frosted layer cake and put Kit Kats all round (the frosting will hold it), top with 2 chocolate bunies and pastel jelly beans.


Soft, felt bunny shaped ears with tulle bow and pom on elastic. <> Gray with Light Pink Tulle Ivory with Lavender Tulle Only available as a headband.

♥ Ideia pra Páscoa - Dobre guardanapo em formato de coelho http://topartesanato.com/ideia-pra-pascoa/  #pascoa #artesanato

Ideia pra Páscoa: Aprenda a dobrar guardanapo em forma de coelho

Easter - Yellow Napkin Bunnies - How to fold a napkin into a bunny (with pictures!

Coelho em feltro

Coelho em Feltro

Cute Easter bunny with a treat holder. (Make the holder carrot orange to add to the fun)

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Muitas crianças não podem comer chocolate, esta pode ser uma linda ideia para deixar a Páscoa dos seus filhos ainda mias divertida.Outra opção é  deixar que as crianças possam fazer o s...

Washer Bunny ~ This is a great addition to an Easter Basket. Since then the washcloth would have glue stuck on it, and you could actually use it after Easter.

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Guirlanda de palha com coelho de pelúcia

Guirlanda Pintando Ovinhos