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Abstract cardboard sculpture (color and emotion)

Everyone is unique, and it’s worth to show it - How to draw hydrangea flowers, part I

Today's Drawing Class 101: Drawing body parts | Keith Haring figure templates legs crossed tutorial

Different female body types mothsbymoonlight: Tutorial - Curves on Girls by *Ai-Bee For the anon asking about curves months ago, and for anyone else that could use any points on the subject!* *NOT AN EXPERT THO How to draw fat ladies!

Anatomical chart from Cyclopaedia, 1728, Chambers, Ephraim, 1680 (ca.)-1740

#drawing Anatomy Basic Shapes by

drawing pose and figures tutorial/Degas- Could cut out magazine figure or take photos then have students draw out the different stages of figure evaluation...

female body shapes part 2 by ~Rofelrolf on deviantART

Figure Drawing Artists | ... Mini Art Course, Drawing the human figure, drawing bodies