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the person is working on something that looks like wood
a woman is holding up a blue and white blanket with an abstract design on it
several different types of lamps on display in a room
a woman standing next to two tall orange lamps
Morning Glory Flower Floor Lamps. Custom made for Decovar Orient interior designers in Bahrain, measuring 3 meters in height and made from orange Tusser Silk. Design by @aqua_creations #floorlamp #sculpturallighting #bespokelighting #silk #customlighting
a person is using a sponge to clean a blue area rug with a stone block
An Etsy Addict's Guide to Collecting (or Making Your Own) Indian Block Print Textiles
a potato sitting on top of a piece of paper
several different types of yarns and flowers on a white table cloth next to each other
Town Dyer
Town Dyer – Adventures in Natural Dyeing
a person holding up a piece of paper with a quote on it that says, this photographer is a graphic design and photography studio located at
**STATIONERY** | Are.na
**STATIONERY** — Are.na