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a young man sitting on top of a bed next to a box with an object in it
Como as pessoas podem dizer que não existe perfeição??? OLHA ESSE GAROTO
a young man is standing on a tennis court with his arms behind his head and wearing a sweater over his shoulders
Lucas Zumann
Abaixa tiro!
a young man with curly hair is posing for a photo in front of a gray background
Lucas Jade Zumann
Incrível, Lucas Jade é idêntico ao amor da minha vida ♡♡♡
a woman holding two books in her hands
muito culto2
Cabeza alta, orgullo y amor propio.
Eu sou apaixonada por ele
Quando vc não consegue olhar diretamente pro crush
a young man in a suit and tie poses for the camera on the red carpet
a young man with suspenders standing in front of hearts
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AAAAAAA fofo d+
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a man sitting in the sand on top of a purple blanket
a man wearing a hat standing in the snow
Lotus Graphics
Lucas Jade Zumann 250x400 Please, like and reblog if you save/use. Do not remove the credit and do not redistribute as your own. Thanks ♥
black and white photograph of a young man in jeans with his arms crossed, looking to the side
Lucas Jade Zumann GOSTOSO
a man with a flower in his hair sitting on a couch looking at the camera
a man standing on top of a boat looking out at the ocean with words written below him