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a woman sitting on top of a couch next to a painting
The Ente Sound Tile
We love #leonspeakers and #Sonos sound tile! What do you think of this revolutionary speaker? @sonos @leonspeakers
the new hdmi what you need to know by aic - screenshot com
The New Ultra High Speed HDMI is Here
Is your HDMI up to date? If not then you may not be getting the most of your home entertainment. Read about what the new HDMI brings to the future of A/V. #AV #HDMI #electronics #home #hometheater #theater #technology
an advertisement with black and white geometric shapes on the front, along with text that reads sonos isn't all it's cracked up to be
Sonos Isn't All it's Cracked Up to Be
#Sonos #Wireless #Streaming There are better options for wireless streaming. Check out our blog to learn more.
the elan and dante logo is shown next to an image of two stereos
Redefining Audio With ELAN
AIC is excited to announce the latest addition to the ELAN family. The next generation of audio distribution is here with Dante. This reliable, easy to use system will help cut audio distribution costs dramatically.
a person holding up a cell phone with the text unlock on your phone how to wifi calling
How To: WiFi Calling
Stuck at home with spotty cellular service? WiFi calling can help! It uses your home network to help you make and receive calls with out the worry of calls dropping, at no extra charge. Here's how to unlock this overlooked feature. #wifi #apple #iphone #galaxy #samsung #lg #google #unlock #howto #how #phone #cellphone
an advertisement with the words diy falls hidden routers on it and various electronic devices
D.I.Y Fails Hidden Routers
Stop following these Pinterest D.I.Ys now!
the words cable tv is dying are displayed in front of an image of multicolored lines
Cable TV is Dying
More and more Americans are cutting the cord. Is cable TV dying? The alternatives are becoming more attractive to consumers. Here's why. #cabletv #tv #television #cordcutting #smarttv #whattowatch #apple #sling #ruko #homeimprovement #
the sonos price changes are shown in three different colors and font options for each product
Sonos Changing Prices Again
Sonos is changing prices again. Does it have to do with the "one time" tariff hit the company took this year?
smart technology is creating wi - chaos
Smart Tech is Creating WiFi Chaos
What you can do to prevent it
the cover of how 50 will shape the decade, with an image of a hallway
How 5G Will Shape the Decade
As the year comes to a close, we examine how 5G will shape this next decade. 2020's will bring some serious tech advantages. #5g #technology #newyears #vr #classroom #education #healthcare #doctor #2020
several cables are connected to the top of a server in front of an advertizer
AV over IP
AV over IP is revolutionizing AV setups. Future proof your business with AV over IP.
a close up of a cell phone with the words power over ethernet explaining why it is important and why you need it
Power Over Ethernet Explained
You may have heard the term Power over Ethernet before, but how does it work and why should we use it? Our latest blog breaks down the benefits of this emerging technology. #IoT #PoE #Technology #Ethernet #Network #PowerOverEthernet #Enterprise #Tech #HowItWorks
a white sign that says get the most out of wifi - aic offering the first wifi access points
The First WiFi 6 Access Point is Here
Advanced Integrated Controls has partnered with Ruckus Networks to provide the first WiFi 6 Access Point. #WiFi #internet #IoT #internetofthings #Ruckus #AICHHIBluffton #fastwifi #accesspoint #ap
the logos for disney plus, star wars and november streaming updates are shown in this image
November Streaming Updates
Both Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus launched this month. AIC breaks down these streaming services and the future of Netflix in this new blog. #AppleTVPlus #DisneyPlus #Streaming #Netflix #apple #disney #blog
a laptop computer sitting on top of a table next to a newspaper with the words net neutrality
NET NEUTRALITY - Latest Court Ruling and What it Means for You
Advanced Integrated Controls is committed in keeping our clients informed in the latest in technology. This month there was a new ruling in the repeal of net neutrality. Our latest blog breaks down net neutrality and what it means for the future of the internet. #blog #netneutrality #internet #news #technews #technology