turquoise lemonade: blue raspberry kool aid, sugar and country time lemonade mix. would be cute to match wedding colors as a non-alcoholic (or alcoholic) drink!

so much fun! colorful ribbons

Ribbon and twinkle lights These are colors I like for the ribbons. reds, light blues and yellows. maybe no pink, add light green? break up color with some off-white ribbon. idea is colorful without being full on rainbow.

Paçoca de Colher

If you don't know "paçoca" you don't know what is happiness. (The photo is a different recipe of paçoca, made to eat with a spoon).

Para o bar

Decoração para Festa Junina

cone pra pipoca e doces

The Hoedown at Brykill Farm

What a fun, super easy to do idea: Popcorn served up in brightly hued bandannas. Home popped popcorn last at least a day and so can be made in advance.