How to construct your own succulent frame

DIY: Framed vertical succulent garden I'm really enamored with having succulents in our home. They're low maintenance, beautiful and fresh. I'm especially intrigued because my cat eats every kind of leafy flower or plant. Succulents are the solution!

31 Useful And Most Popular DIY Ideas

May try with coffee can, i have a ton of those. beautiful DIY idea , an old paint can to pebble planter.This would make a great house warming gift as well.

Hanging herb planter

DIY this vertical terrarium to grow herbs indoors. No instructions but looks easy to do with some mason jar "pots", threaded rod, wood and bolts.

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Companion Planting Chart : find your crop in the left column then look to find good companions and bad companions. (Link is bad, but chart is readable)

Upcylced Gardening Ideas

Garden upcycling ideas: Create an outdoor plate wall display on your garden shed - I think I like it better for inside - would hate to lose all those cool plates to a hail storm.