identifying ones-self in relation to the object of desire
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an ancient sculpture with two men fighting each other
Architectural terracotta plaque with an episode from the Twelve Labours of Heracles, Hercules capturing the Nemean lion, from Rome, 1st century AD, Vatican Museums
three statues on the side of a building
an ancient silver seal with two lions on it's sides, holding swords in their hands
Ornament with back-to-back lions | Achaemenid | Achaemenid | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a green figurine sitting on top of a white table
New Museum, Olympia
a statue with an angel kneeling down next to a bird on it's back
Ganymede feeding the eagle. Saint-Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum.
a man in white shirt pouring water into buckets next to a painting on the ground
Mosaic being cleaned at Pompeii, depicting the Catasterism of Orion. (1080X1350)
a bronze statue of two men fighting with each other
Selected masterpieces
an old bronze statue with a woman holding her arms crossed in front of her chest
Salus (The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection)
a bronze statue of an elephant with a man on its back, holding a cup
Aquamanile in the Form of a Dwarf Centaur | The Walters Art Museum
an animal head is shown on top of a rock with many small balls in it
Barakat Gallery Store
a bronze statue of a ram standing on a white base and looking to its left
Nanny Goat | Cleveland Museum of Art