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Alana Dessbessel

Alana Dessbessel
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Faça o seu próprio sabão de lavar roupa ao custo de 1 real o galão! | Cura pela Natureza

If you are tired of endless spending on laundry detergent, we have a selection of the best homemade laundry detergent recipes for a fraction of the cost.

Como colocar as surpresas nos balões

Oh and another dinosaur egg. this one looks like it might be fun.A NEW recipe for making dinosaur eggs using only two ingredients. These magic eggs hatch and everything to reveal baby dinosaurs!

Pratos de papel, palitos de picolé, e um balão são tudo que você precisa para brincar de Pingue Pongue de Balão.

Paper plates, Popsicle sticks, and a balloon are all you need to play Balloon Ping-Pong. (Not sure how sturdy the paper plates would be, but may be able to do something similar for a carnival/game night social event theme.

Reaproveitando. ..

Jeans to shorts DIY. Love the rough denim effect!love this idea but i would use some looser cut jeans to give them the boyfriend shorts look

Customização chic!

"Add pretty fabrics or a bit of lace to transform a boring pair of shorts! DIY summer clothes:: DIY projects" I like the middle not the others.