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the cover of this is home magazine with pictures of people in texas and other states
Design a cover your school will love
Langham Creek High School, Houston, Texas (soft touch laminate with UV gloss and four-color photo montage)
Coats-Erwin Middle School - “Through The Eyes Of A Falcon” Middle School, Ignite, Year Book, Yearbooks, Journalism, Yearbook, Yearbook Pages, Book Design
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Coats-Erwin Middle School - “Through The Eyes Of A Falcon”
an image of a hand with the words we've left our mark on it
it's really cute. we all want to mark our mark in high school, or you want to be remembered
a group of young women standing next to each other on top of a basketball court
Yearbook Photography- Sports
The Portrait Photographer: Yearbook Photography- Sports
the book cover for diver city, which features colorful typogramic letters and numbers
The Cover Artist
Diversity vs. DiverCity. Austin High School wanted to show diversity in their cover, without making it look like a ransom note. So we used a CMYK color palette (which is super fun to carry through the inside of the book) and made "DiverCity" appear in all sizes and colors. #YBK #Yearbook #YearbookCover #YearbookTheme #YearbookIdea #BookCover #CoverDesign #Bookstagram #GraphicDesign #AdobeIllustrator
a book cover for in with the blue, featuring an image of people holding up their hands
yearbook theme "beyond"
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a colorful book with an abstract background and the title color splash 2013 - 2016 on it
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Kingwood High School - “Composition”
the front cover of an all mixed up book, with watercolor paint on it
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a book cover with the words vibe on it
So You Want Your Cover to Stand Out? | Yearbook Discoveries Blog
Corona Del Sol High School (Tempe, AZ) | 2015 Yearbook Cover | Theme: VIBE. Feel It | Printed by Herff Jones
a book cover with an image of a camera and the title, future this year
The Cover Artist
Frontier Trail Middle School - “Picture This”
small town big dreams book cover with street signs in front of the sun and clouds
Okay so what about a yearbook where we talk more about newtown and the history o
the vision book is open and showing different eyes
The Cover Artist
With so many "Vision" themes for 2020, I wonder who has the cojones to do something inspired by @visionstreetwear?? This one's ready to hit print! #YBK #Yearbook #YearbookCover #YearbookTheme #YearbookIdea #BookCover #CoverDesign #Bookstagram #GraphicDesign #AdobeIllustrator
a person holding up a polaroid photo in front of taxi cabs on a city street
two polaroid pictures are being held up in front of a food truck with ice cream
summer vibes. head into any aero store for the chance to win a fuji instax camera, now thru 5/21!