"Tío Stan,confío en ti"

"I trust you" - Mabel Pines [Gravity Falls] Hey, look! ANOTHER masterful representation of the most powerful moment in the series so far!

Gravity falls wallpaper cc @wlhartwig

Here& our exclusive Comic-Con poster we& be handing out at Comic Con this week! Go pick up a copy if you& there and be sure to go to the Gravity Falls panel!

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Haha oml, I am laughing so hard rn! It looks like some really deep picture, that's suppose to have a deep meaning! Oh but wait, off in the far distant you hear a faint oink that's echoing.

“ This AU is my thoughts about how season 2 of Gravity Falls could end. After episode 7 of season a little town is getting crazy. Society of the Blind Eye is now closed, and no one.