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Distances for TV Viewing. Note, the size of the TV is in inches while the distances are in meters. (Multiply each meter by for distances in feet.

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Floating Shelves Under 10 Ultra-Low TV Consoles Quick, Easy & Cheap DIY Floating Shelves 29 Sneaky Tips & Hacks For

built-in bookcase frames big-screen tv... and other ideas to design around a tv... general rule of thumb is that the distance from the television screen and your viewing spot should be between two to three times its width... example: with a 32” screen, sit between 5½ and 8 feet (96”) away for the best entertainment experience

Tv in bookcases camber construction. Other ideas here. I like the built-in bookcases around the chimney on ideas no.

Like the wall behind the tv

Stunning DIY's inspired by Pottery Barn Idea Box by Alaya

Hang your panels at the highest point to make the room appear taller. Use short rods to add interest.

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Short curtain rods- I am a little on the fence. They really open a room but what if you want to shut out the light? by Driggs Designs


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