Alberto Marchesin

Alberto Marchesin

Alberto Marchesin
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Dropper Loop

The Dropper Loop is used to attach one or two hooks above a pyramid sinker when surf fishing for pompano or whiting. Smaller versions about 3 inches in .

Nó Palomar, um dos melhores nós para pesca em água salgada. Bom também para artesanato.

Simple fishing Knot, easy to tie, won't let go. Especially good for slippery line like braided synthetics. It is known as the Palomar knot. - Lots of good tips here.

Um simples e bom nó para amarrar sua rede de dormir. #acampamento

Simple and secure rope knots for WSS Camping Hammock. I think I'd add another step and loop the line back on itself at the end, so it could be pulled free when needed.