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a painting made out of rocks and pebbles
pueblo de piedras Más
balancing stones on top of each other in front of the ocean
Balance: the Basic Principles of Design
Rocks balancing on driftwood, sea in background
many small trees and bushes in the middle of a grassy area with people sitting on them
Cool landscape design - statue at Yorkshire Sculpure Park
the hands are made out of cement on an orange plate with words that read vaso formato de mao
Decoração: Vaso em Formato de Mão , Passo A Passo
DIY Vaso com mãos de cimento e isopor maceta en forma de mano de cemento - YouTube
a pile of rocks stacked on top of each other in front of a blue sky
Splinter Stack
land art by Richard Shilling
a mirror that is sitting on top of a wooden table and it looks like a sunburst
Stratton Home Decor 36-In X 36-In Gold Round Framed Sunburst Wall Mirr
an art piece with a shell and two rocks in it hanging on the wall next to a black frame
up up and away... Mehr
a man on a ladder working on a wooden sculpture
Motorsägenschnitzen | Motorsagler | Kettensägenschnitzen | chainsaw carving
Herbert Danzer Motorsagla | Motorsägenschnitzen | Motorsagler | Kettensägenschnitzen | chainsaw carving
an info sheet shows how to draw the human body and what it looks like in different ways
How to draw TIKI STATUES tutorial by EtheringtonBrothers on DeviantArt
some rocks are arranged in the shape of people
See this Instagram photo by @tamikra_art • 18 likes // Oui! I rêve depuis longtemps ... marcher (même si devenu trop populaire) la route Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. Coup donc! J'suis bavarde ce matin.