Luhan  ♡ he looks like a cute baby ~

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reason: 3 more days to go my manly angel. wishin' u lots of goods things to come, stay safe, god bless :)

Este hombre me hace mal x.x

i know luhan isnt in exo anymore and hes not one of my favourites to be honest, but he will still and forever be in our hearts ❤️ so no hate family, we've got to stick together and support our boys ^.^ love u exols!

l u h a n | EXO(ot12)

Damn if i could take pictures like this they would be hanging up in my room or as my wallpaper for my phone


Luhan 鹿晗 new song "Roleplay" from album "Venture"

omg his hair *-* And his faceeee PERFECTION *-*

he looks like a painting that's how fcking perfect he is

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Luhan (EXO) I really miss that cute little boy 💕