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Alessandra Magalhães

Alessandra Magalhães
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Crystal's Idyll - Crystal's Idyll is an online, Etsy boutique that specializes in Medieval apparel and accessories and these gleaming, faux Dragon hide gauntlet.

angelicartisan:  Can/ Soda Tab Chainmail Vambrace Tutorial by kirilee  Tutorial Tuesdays! Ever wonder what to do with leftover soda cans? Ch...

Created for the "Get Crafty Contest": -> [link] A special thanks to my brother who played hand/arm model for me for a few of the shots. This tutorial. Can/ Soda Tab Chainmail Vambrace Tutorial

leather vambrace - no grommets by ~TegwynDeForest on deviantART -she also did the same with a corset

When I'm all out of grommets, I start getting creative with coper wire. Here I used old pink sofa leather, painted it Brown and cut holes in it just lar. Leather Vambrace gauntlet - no grommets