You dream of living among the stars, stepping into a spaceship and venturing where no man has gone before. While that may not be possible today, you can feel like you live among the stars with this fun Galaxy Fleece Wall Mural. The mural is

Veja cinco ideias de sofá feitos com paletes, estrados de madeira reaproveitados na decoração! - Veja mais em: http://vilamulher.com.br/decoracao/construcao-e-reforma/6-ideias-para-sofas-de-pallet-19-1-11502064-4.html?pinterest-destaque

6 ideias para sofás de pallet

window seat in kids playroom (with book and puzzle storage) . use old crib mattress(then put mattress on floor as pillow and have top of pallets be table for games, crafts, ect.

Decoração Quartos (Foto: Pinterest / reprodução)

22 ideias para quartos de outras galáxias

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