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Snoopy Globe Fabric - Peanuts - Flying Ace

Collection: Snoopy Peanuts Manufacturer: Quilting Treasures Material: cotton Width of fabric: ~ 44 inches Quantity by the yard. Cut in one continuous piece.

The flying ace

We have been counting down the premiere of “The Peanuts Movie” (Blue Sky Studios and Century Fox) for over a year now – and on November the highly anticipated movie starring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the entire Peanuts gang finally hit theaters!

The WWI Flying Ace vs the Red Baron!

Looking for Snoopy and the Red Baron, the World War I Flying Ace, the Red Baron from Peanuts or maybe even the Red Baron song? Come along Peanuts gang fans as we travel with Snoopy aboard his Sopwith Camel as the famous WWI Flying Ace prepares to.