On South Georgia, a barren island in the far South Atlantic, a pair of southern elephant seal calves beckon before a colony of king penguins. “The male seals can grow to almost five tons,” says Salgado, “but these are just babies. This one looked at me with beautiful eyes.”

In the Beginnings: Sebastião Salgado's Genesis

Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado

Le photographe humanitaire Sebastiao Salgado

© Sebastiao Salgado

A meeting of a religious community in Base, on the road to Attilo, Chimborazo, Ecuador

Genesis by Sebastião Salgado

Bighorn Creek in the western part of the Kluane National Park, Canada 2011 Gelatin silver print - Sebastião Salgado

Salgado has travelled to over a hundred countries to take photographs. Here, a Marine iguana pictured in the Galápagos, Ecuador

New film tells photographer Sebastião Salgado's story

Marine Iguana, Rabida Island, the Galapagos (Iguana claw). By Sebastião Salgado

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Sebastiao Salgado Dinka Group at Pagarau Cattle Camp Southern Sudan 2006

Vue du confluent du Colorado et du Petit Colorado Arizona Etats-Unis 2010 Sebastiao Salgado Amazonas

Photo by Sebastiao Salgado. Shot from Navajo Native American territory, this breathtaking image captures the junction of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers, at the gateway to the Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona in the United States.

Salgado: Ice cut out of a frozen lake is melted and then used for cooking & drinking

Sebastião Salgado in Siberia - in pictures

For his latest epic project, Genesis, photographer Sebastião Salgado spent eight years documenting parts of the world untainted by modern life. Here, he shares the images he took of the nomadic Nenets of northern Siberia

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Bats on tamarind trees in Madagascar, 2010 Sebastião Salgado from Genesis