Pom pom drop activity for toddlers is great for developing fine motor skills and an understanding of cause and effect. Simple and fun. Use toilet paper tubes.  - Laughing Kids Learn

Pom pom drop activity for toddlers

Pom pom drop activity for toddlers. Great for fine motor skills and developing cause and effect. So easy to set up so start collecting your cardboard paper tubes.


Cardboard Beads Threading Activity for Toddlers

Toddler threading activity with giant cardboard beads. Could be a little project to have them paint the tubes, let them dry, and cut the tubes into smaller lengths (with some help). Add stickers for decoration and even more fine motor practice!

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10 Things to do at home with a 2 year old. I never would have thought of stringing cut up toilet paper rolls onto ribbon!

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4 DIY Baby and Toddler Toys for Motor Skills - The Imagination Tree.ribbon, Popsicle stick, juice lid, and macaroni toy

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Basket n balls. Can encourage counting n colour labelling. 10 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy (without buying new toys) — Learning Through Play

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Make a box to hide objects related to Bible lesson. Have children reach in to feel object and guess what it is without pulling it out.

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These bubble snakes are an EASY activity for kids! All you need is an empty water bottle and one mismatched sock! Also on the programme for kids on I player Art Ninja

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