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To Love-Ru: serious face

Momo Velia Deviluke is Nana's twin, as well as Lala's younger sister. She is sometimes referred to as the "Third Princess of Deviluke", since she is the youngest of the three princesses.

To Love Ru

chibi cleavage halloween momo_velia_deviluke tail to_love_ru wings witch yabuki_kentarou yuuki_mikan

To Love-Ru Darkness Artbook

To Love-Ru Darkness Artbook

To love ru

Konjiki no Yami - Golden Darkness - Yami-chan and Nemesis-chan

To Love-Ru Darkness Artbook

kurosaki_mea momo_velia_deviluke seifuku tail thighhighs to_love_ru to_love_ru_darkness yabuki_kentarou

To LOVE-Ru Darkness - Tear

bikini blonde hair blush breasts chain-link fence cleavage embarrassed female fence glasses green eyes highres large breasts long hair low-tied long hair navel reference work screencap solo string bikini swimsuit tearju lunatique thigh gap tied h

To Love-Ru, Momo, by ffcreatyuuki

breasts ffcreatyuuki flower food fruit hair flower hair ornament highres mismatch momo velia deviluke nipples peach pink hair purple eyes revision short hair smile solo to love-ru

to love ru darkness photo: Yami (Golden Darkness) To_lovr_ru_Yami-kawaii-9rzggr.png

to love ru darkness photo: Yami (Golden Darkness)