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Horse silhouetted on the beach.



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cavalos selvagens

I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes. Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horses running free.

Amantes de cavalos! Não ame pela beleza, pois um dia ela acaba Não ame por admiração, pois um dia você se decepciona Ame apenas! Pois o tempo nunca pode acabar com um amor sem explicação!

Love the mane blowing in the wind!

Unicórnio aquarela!!

Colorful horse with feathers watercolor painting / tattoo art idea!

Mother and your son♥️

Magnificent moma horse and her foal.

VERDADE! <3 #petmeupet #filhode4patas #maedecachorro #paidecachorro #cachorro

VERDADE! <3 #petmeupet #filhode4patas #maedecachorro #paidecachorro #cachorro

Cookie.Peste : Fotografia

bluepueblo: “ Snow Train, Japan photo via marilyn ”


My horse's photo! 29 Beautiful Examples of Silhouette Photography


Best horse Wallpaper, Mobile Phone Desktop Background for any Computer, Laptop, Tablet and Phone


The sea horse rises from the sea

Indoor by SilvaraPhoto

Photograph Indoor by Karolina Wapińska on

Jatão Vaqueiro: BOM DIA WEB LEITORES...

Beautiful cowgirl and horse.and she will have horses. and will ride them any way that she pleases!

As coloridas aquarelas retratando animais de Elena Shved

32 by ElenaShved

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Friesian Horse Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Art Imago

Terra Mail - Message -

The Hug © Ingrid Kostron