. . base jumping . .

Panoramic photo of a BASE jump - Source: Krystle Wright / Caters News Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia FUN!

base jumping omg

A base jumper leaps backwards off the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower, Malaysia. A group of base jumpers were attempting to set a Guinness World Record striving to have 24 people base jump every hour for

the needles!!! totem pole, FA 1936 weisner et al. 5.7 or 10b depending on what line you take.

Rock climbing in Custer State Park. Custer State Park is a state park and wildlife reserve in the Black Hills of southwestern South Dakota, USA. The park is South Dakota's largest and first state park, named after Lt.

Base Jumping

This photo represents the thrill of adventure as if you were there with that man. It also gives you a view of the beauty of an area you wouldn't normally see unless you take that extra step to see all that the world has to offer.

Dive off the cliffs in Negril, Jamaica

one of the neatest places I have been to in Jamaica, Negril. People cliff dive off rocks and there is a beautiful bar and band overlooking the water.

Watch me jump from that 100 metre high cliff, huh?

"I can and I will . Watch me." Sometimes all the motivation I need is someone saying I can't do it!

Cliff jumping in Ceningan, Bali (the diving platform is around 7-11 meters high)

Cliff jumping in Ceningan, Bali (the diving platform is around meters high)

jump from a high cliff

life pauses and you can almost feel the exhilaration of this cliff jumper, shot by eyebex (via Action Sports Photography)