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Mysteries of Alingea

https://mysteries-of-alingea.blogspot.com/ ✦ Alingea to planeta stworzona przez smoki, na której nie ma ani jednego człowieka. Istnieje na niej 10 krain, w…
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🩰 Morganite 🩰

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Malim, hero of the poor 🕊️

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Aulora, the Sculpture Painter

Aulora, the Sculpture Painter 🎨

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Iridessa, Princess of bandages

Iridessa, Princess of bandages ☀️

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Exercice de Style — ceramic fish                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Rua, Porcelain flower 💙

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Charlotte, a broken teacup

Charlotte, a broken teacup ☕

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Danique, Morning Dove

Danique, Morning Dove 🕊️

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🔖 Bixbite 🔖

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Himari, Crimson Samurai

Himari, Crimson Samurai 🦊

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Delmira, the Diva of the sword

Delmira, the Diva of the sword 🗡️

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❤️ Ruby ❤️

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Remeus, the pacifist Vampire

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Aithior, the Dwarf King

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Dwarfs are defined by their reverence for their past. They carve out monumental tombs in order to worship and venerate their ancestors, their oldest treasures are highly valued in order to respect the craftsman who originally fashioned it and to preserve an element of the continuing Dwarf culture. It is said that when Dwarfs are in any doubt as to how to proceed they look to the Dwarf with the longest beard to tell them what to do since he will be the oldest and most experienced among them.

Gornak, Asocial Dwarf

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Hazel, the First Mute Inventor

Hazel, the First Mute Inventor 🐄

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Morgan, midnight terror

Morgan, midnight terror 🦇

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Thorin armor
Nick Keller

Hornix, Manipulative dwarf

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💛 Heliodor 💛

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Beza, a sugar cloud
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Beza, a sugar cloud 🍭

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Ramses II, Luxor, Egypt, 1880s.

Borsdag, Desert Prince 🏜️

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Genevieve, the Royal Adviser

Genevieve, the Royal Adviser 🐍

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