sewing kit tutorial - this. is. Darling! Perfect for a young sewer or for small on-the-go projects perhaps.

Chez Beeper Bebe: Make This: Child's Sewing Kit Tutorial (with pincushion & needle book). (The only thing I would change is the pin cushion. Not crazy about sticking pins in someone's head.

DIY Upcycle your shoeboxes

Upcycled Shoe Boxes for pretty storage boxes--I really like this idea. I've got tons of shoe boxes I can use.

storage boxes

storage boxes - this is handmade by a Japanese instructor in Tokyo. Her site is full of beautiful things she's created. I want to make this kind of thing with foam core.

Everyone wore a hat to church and all hats came in a Hat Box!!!! Now you can't get a hat box unless you pay separately. Love the design of this box.

Holiday focus project - The inspiration photo I used was the black and white cakes, which made me think of the scene from My Fair Lady where all the ladies wore black and white dresses and huge hats to the races. So I made a black and vanilla hat box.


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