Thought this pin was cute so repined but didn't edit the comment until now...LOVE German Shepherds!!! They are amazing dogs!! :)

19 reasons why you should never get a german shepherd. I have a German Shepherd and she is amazing!

This looks so much like TuffGuy did! "TuffGuy" My daughter named him, spelling & all. He was too little to be "Tough," but thought he was. He was more of a "Tuft!" Slept on a small pillow.

A Teacup Pug (The Luxury Spot)

Funny pictures about Teacup Pug. Oh, and cool pics about Teacup Pug. Also, Teacup Pug.

husky - Pesquisa Google

a husky that stays small forever: a pomsky! My new dream dog! It stays small forever, but its beautiful like a husky.

Vive les savates !

A pug wearing pug slippers. Lulu would love these slippers in black, of course!

Porkie: Pomeranian and yorkie

It's PORKIE (pom/ yorkie mix). This will be my next dog and her name will be from Harry Potter!


This shopping cart full of husky puppies.someone should stuff the people who did this in a shopping cart


a Husky that stays tiny, so you can keep him in a small place" THIS IS NOT EVEN LOGICAL. How would a tiny pomeranian breed with a giant husky? This is just a husky or malamute puppy.