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19 Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Eat

Awesome list of science projects kids can make and eat too. Great list for summer for Preschool, Kindergarten, grade, grade, and grade elementary students. Sounds like a fun cooking class idea

Leak-Proof Bag - EASY Kid's Science Experiment! You should have everything you need at home to try this right now

Leak-Proof Bag - Kid's Science Experiment

Science experiments for kids from @Anna Totten Totten Totten Totten @ The Imagination Tree

Science Experiments for Kids

Learn about transpiration in plants with this classic dyed celery experiment for kids! Fun science activities for kids to enjoy.

Rainbow Ants Science Experiment With Kids- something about paraffin in the droplets to hold them together and not every type if ant has transparent stomaches.

Very Cool! This could be a fun science fair project someday :) Ants stomachs are transparent. a woman noticed it when ants drank/ate spilled milk one day so she gave them some colorful candy and then photographed them! Wierd and cool.

Casa de Colorir: Como fazer uma tenda de brincar?

Como fazer uma tenda de brincar

As 10 melhores brincadeiras de crianças pra se fazer no calor! http://www.mildicasdemae.com.br/2014/02/10-melhores-brincadeiras-para-se-fazer-calor.html

As 10 melhores brincadeiras para se fazer no calor!

Fun, DIY water balloon games for this summer! Swap out an egg for a water balloon for your balloon and spoon race. Keep cool with this fun game this summer with the family.