Boyfrendy i żakiet-udany duet ;) Zestaw dla sylwetki S,Y,L,W,E,T,K,O

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Ripped jeans, chic blazer, statement necklace, + a BOLD envelope clutch = Classic Style Perfection. -- Love the red blazer look!

Laranja fica ótimo com jeans, pois o laranja e o azul são cores complementares no espectro cromático.

White blazers make any summer/spring look even classier. The white/orange/ ripped denim combo is so fresh! - New York Street Fashion, NYC Casual Style, Latest Fashion Trends - New York Fashion New Trends

Inspiração Street Style: Listras

Inspiração Street Style: Listras

Vestidos longos para o cotidiano -

People call Converse the most classic pair of sneakers out there because, well, it is. Here are 35 inspirational ideas about what to wear with Converse sneakers.

Combinando o colar com o decote (matching necklace type with tshirt neckline)

Macacão para look meia estação.


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