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the sun is shining through the trees in the field with grass and wildflowers
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a bus stop sitting on the side of a wet road next to a lush green forest
the sun shines through the trees and grass in this field with dandelions
— rapunzel
an auditorium filled with people and chandeliers
a group of ducks standing on top of a wooden dock
a wicker hanging chair with pillows on it
Darling White Wicker Swing!!! Bebe'!!! Love this Red and White quilted Pad!!! Bebe'!!! Such Cute Throw Pillows!!!
some dandelions are growing in the grass at sunset or dawn, with water droplets on them
several birds flying over the ocean on a sunny day with blue sky and white clouds
a storm moving through the sky over a valley
blurry photograph of people in formal wear dancing at a wedding reception with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
two people walking across a bridge over water with trees in the foreground and one person standing on a dock
20 Most Memorable Gilbert Blythe Scenes in Anne of Green Gables
someone is washing their hands in a stream of water with rocks and grass around them
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