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two sheep painted on rocks in a box
20+ Easy Painted Rock Crafts » Homemade Heather
the fairy door painted rocks are an easy and fun project for kids to do in their garden
DIY Fairy Doors from Painted Rocks | Adventure in a Box
an orange and blue octopus painted on a black rock with white fabric behind it,
Blue-Ringed Octopus by Nevuela on DeviantArt
a black and white photo of a wedding program with the words,'i do not know
Birthday Sentiments (Inspired by Stamping) - Paper Punch Addiction
Birthday Sentiments (Inspired by Stamping) - Paper Punch Addiction by lorraine
some type of birthday card with the words happy birthday written in black and white on it
Papertrey Ink
Inside & Out: Birthday Stamp Set
a painting of many cats laying on top of each other with different colors and sizes
Rock Painting
a hand holding a button with a small animal painted on it's front and back
Rock Painting
four painted rocks with owls on them and the words owl painted rocks written in white
Owl Painted Rocks - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
The other week I bought a bag of Caribbean beach pebbles from Home Depot, and we have been having so much fun painting them! Janie had a blast covering her rocks with every possible color of paint, while Gresham painted little lighthouses on his. (I should take a picture of the lighthouse ones!) Gresham suggested …