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lunar mama // pacha mama // mother earth // illustration // goddess // roots // thank you earth. I cannot explain how much I LOVE this.

Gaia a mãe terra - Pesquisa Google

Art by Louise Benton: "All my work is created in honor of the divine feminine & the healing of our mother earth. I believe that as we heal, our hearts will open & we will receive the earth's wisdom and know her wish for transformation.

Maconha e meditação

The Pineal Gland or the 'Seat of the Soul' as described by Rene Descartes, is the focal point of our spiritual guiding system which makes us go beyond the five senses of rationality and become mult.

Hijos de Pachamama

Shinya Okayama is a traditional artist / painter born in the Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. In 2007 Shinya graduated from the Sokei Academy of