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tom holland + mornings i’ll wake with coffee in the morning but she prefers two lumps of sugar and tea, outside the day is up and calling but i don’t have to be so please go back to sleep

justinfox: Photographer: http://justinfox.tumblr.comModel: @bwarn20

All I can say is: spring, sun, hot and beautiful girls! I'm so happy that spring started to settle down, so here we are with 31 uber sexy girls which seems to

I have always called myself Violet because that's were I woke up on day, I don't know who my parents are but I plan on finding them I'm 14 and love nature,I like being by myself.

TOP 10 Ways How To Shoot A Stunning Portrait

Untitled by Attila Papp on CameraCanon EOS Mark II Focal Shutter secs CategoryPeople UploadedAlmost 2 years ago TakenMay 2011 This portrait is beautiful. The depth of field usage is beautiful.

Tess Munster, she is living proof that plus size women can be just as "sexy" as skinny women.

tessmunster: “ Peek a boo… Photographer Captured by Chelzea Styling-Coordinator: Shannah Azimullah Makeup: Shalon Dozier Hair: Andrea Michelle Swanson Greene Assist: Zach Allen ”

40 Boudoir Photography Ideas for Valentine’s Day #boudoirphotography,

40 Boudoir Photography Ideas for Valentine’s Day #boudoirphotography,

Natural hair - the curves of light

For all girls and boys who are proud of natural curly hair and appreciate this lovely hairstyle. "Beautiful curls are the result of accepting your curls, working with them, and being.